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    Design Quiz

    This style finder quiz will help us define your design taste, let’s start!

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    Space Dimension

    All you have to do is measure the length, width and height. Piece of cake isn’t it!

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    Professional Design

    Filled the previous steps? Take a deep breath & watch your room come to life…

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    It’s all online, is there anything you don’t like? Point it out in the comments box and we’ll swap in another option… All we want is your satisfaction.

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    Complete your space

    The finishing touches matter the most.  Here you go; we’re in love with your taste!

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    Download Files

    Click on the button and download your design, it’s ready to be executed… & you know you can count on us! 

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Our Skills

Great design is as much about people as it is about any space.

As such every project we do has its own identity; this is how we maintain our rigorous passion to produce responsive design that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Elie Saab

The job on Val Verde project was really impressive, they have high Comprehension of the details I was looking for in my request, not to mention accurate timing in submitting the project! Thank you Nellydesigns, Thumbs up

Rita Zallal

We had a few hick ups along the way since we live in an old building, but we are very happy with the results, looking forward to execute it. Rabieh apartment.

Nataly Salameh

I was provided with the exact design for the dining room, I will be definitely designing the rest of the reception areas, Beit miri flat.

Verginie Takla

Super happy with my new chalet design, Portemilio chalet.

Robert Gerges

They have an extremely talented design team, I didn’t even need the extra revision. Check out Zouk apartment, it’s mine smiley

Personalize Your Space

At Nelly Designs, we bring together the talent of experienced interior designers without the high cost and the hassle.

Blat Duplex

Earth color ambiance

Fidar project

the trend of beton brut is all over

Oman Guest House

Modern rustic twist